Artuyt was founded to make Armenian art known worldwide. We create scarves with Armenian artist’s paintings and collages. One scarf takes a full 2 months to complete, making it an exquisitely crafted accessory.

By the help of beautiful and unique scarves, you will be given the chance to discover the exquisite artefacts of the Armenian culture – beginning from medieval times to the modern abstractionism.

Artuyt partners with different museums such as Modern Art Museum of Yerevan, Sergei Parajanov Museum, Museums of the Mother See of Holy Echmiadzin, Ervand Kochar Museum, Matenadaran etc. Artuyt’s scarves are very popular among worldwide known figures.

Numerous prominent people like Angela Merkel who is the chancellor of Germany, the wife of the President Nune Sargsyan, Kim Kardashian, well-known media personality, businesswoman and a model, Arsine Khanjyan who is an Armenian-Canadian actress and producer, Darya Sitorina, famous Russian travel blogger, the daughter of Italy’s president, and many more people have our scarves in their wardrobes. Artuyt is the official supplier of governmental gifts. Thus the Armenian government, including the Prime Minister, the President and the Catholicos, purchase from Artuyt.


Vazgen Sargsyan 26/3