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About Us

The First Global Armenian Business Directory

I-AM.AM was founded with the ultimate goal to support the economic growth of Armenia.

By connecting Armenian Owned Businesses globally and implementing numerous projects that will boost the economy of the outer regions of Armenia, I-AM.AM community is creating a self- sufficient economy throughout the country.


The story behind the name, I-AM.AM, comes from the question that we are all being frequently asked, What is your nationality? Our answer is always the same, I Am Armenian. I-AM.AM is an inclusive platform for All Armenians regardless of the geographical location or adopted country.

Join I-AM.AM for $1 Per Month

With the launch of I-AM.AM we are offering to all initial members the opportunity to sign up and list your business for $1 per month. All the initial community members will benefit from the opportunity of lifetime $1 a month subscription on the platform.

$1 monthly fee provides the highest visibility presence for online and social media networks as well as full benefits of the platform including:

– administrative dashboard to manage the listed business,

– reviews left by the users,

– analytics and reports,

– space to add social media channels and contact information,

– last but not least the actual number of user views on the listing.

Join us today and be an early adopter of the First Global Armenian Directory.

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Our Vision

Every year a portion of the proceeds of the listed businesses will be invested into the various projects throughout Armenia in order to develop the economical growth of the entire country.

We promise full transparency on the projects that we will invest in and will share the progress on our website.

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building of COAF in Lori region

Help Us Build The First Global Armenian Directory Together

We invite Armenian Owned Businesses and Professionals worldwide to join us on our mission to create the First Global Armenian Directory together.

Join Us today and be an early adopter of the First Global Armenian Directory.

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