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I-AM Explorer

Do You Want to Broaden Your Audience to the Entire World?

Come, join our team of independent I-AM Explorers from different countries to uncover the life of Armenians living there and beyond.
  • Are you passionate to explore new places?
  • Are you passionate to taste new food and cuisines?
  • Are you passionate to let the world know about your writings and experience?
Fill out this form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Have Questions?

We've got answers!

All nationalities are welcome. All we need is desire to explore Armenians in the world together.

I-AM Explorers are individuals who will be travelling on their costs and while their travel showcasing local Armenian lives by sharing their findings with I-AM.AM.

I-AM.AM will be publishing their articles, materials and/ or videos with the entire I-AM.AM community members from the world.

This way we are bringing visibility not only to the local Armenians living in different countries but to the I-AM Explorers by showcasing their works.

All you need to do is to fill out this form and one of our team members will reach out to you with further details.

I-AM Explorers are welcome to cooperate with I-AM.AM per their availability.

Age limitations vary. I-AM Explorer needs to be an “adult” in the country of I-AM exploration.

Of course! If you are a person who loves to travel, visit new and different places and in the meantime dedicate time to explore Armenian culture and lives over there, than you are a perfect I-AM Explorer.

I-AM Explorer project will give you a visibility across all Armenian communities.

If you have a website, I-AM.AM will backlink your materials to your website or resources.

I-AM.AM will be sharing on its various online and digital platforms by sharing the stories of I-AM explorers and their works.

I-AM Explorer project is based on a volunteer basis. I-AM Explorers are not subject to be paid by I-AM.AM or any other Armenian business in order to be filmed, taken picture of or be mentioned in an article.

I-AM Explorers are people who love to travel, love to experience new food and cuisine’s and are adventures. While enjoying their adventure, they are willing to support local Armenians and Armenian owned businesses by showcasing their life to the entire Armenian world with I-AM.AM.

There are no time limitations on I-AM Explorers. They are welcome to exit this project at their convenience.

I-AM.AM kindly asks I-AM Explorers to keep us updated and provide a prior notice for up to 2 weeks before the exit.

Everyone is welcome. We do not support self promotion or promotion of the business that belongs to the I-AM Explorer.

I-AM Explorers need to be bias to the places they visit and provide honest reviews, pictures and feedback of their experience.