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  • What is is a platform that unites all Armenians together and creates a centralized database of all Armenian businesses.

  • How can I join

    Simply choose the package that matched best to your requirements and submit your listing.

  • Is it free to create an account at

    Yes. It is free to create an account at All the users are required to create an account as a first step. The process is the same for both Listing Owners and Site visitors who want to leave a review or add the listing to their favorites, etc. In order to be able to submit a listing the Listing Owners will be prompted to purchase a package.

  • Is it free to list my business?

    The package purchase is required for everyone in order to be able to list their businesses/ services.

  • How long is my listing available on search results?

    The duration of the listing availability depends on the subscription continuation per package. As soon as your package is active your listing will be available on the search results.

  • What happens when my listing expires?

    Listing owners will have a dashboard where all the active/ pending/ expired listings will be showed. Once your listing expired it appears in the Expired Listings folder from where you can activate it again.

  • Can I advertise with

    Yes. Contact our Sales & Marketing department for your requests at

  • Can my listing be featured?

    Yes. Contact our Sales & Marketing department for your requests at

  • Can users contact me directly?

    Yes. There is a contact form embedded in your listing page. All the contact entries will come directly to your inbox.

  • Is it safe to attach my payment methods to your website?

    Yes. Our website is SSL protected. Our technical team has did their best to guarantee anti-malware security. We are using the latest methods recognized by everyone for the payment automation like PayPal, Stripe, Bank Transfer.

  • Can I list my business in multiple languages?

    Currently our website is available on one language only. In the future updates we aim to add more languages.

  • What can I find in "My Account"?

    "My Account" provides all the information about your subscription, such as: Subscription Plan, Payment Method, Renewal Date, Status, and more. For more questions contact us at

  • Can users leave reviews on my listing?

    Yes, users can leave a review under the listings.

  • Can I cancel My Subscription?

    Yes, you can update/ cancel your subscription from inside "My Account" > "My Subscriptions"

  • Why is my account Pending Cancellation?

    Your account is pending for cancellation because it has already charged the payment for the certain month. When you cancel your subscription, your account will be active until the remainder of the period of the time. Then it will cancel automatically.

  • Is it possible to Refund my Money?

    Yes, we will refund your subscription money after clearly understanding the cause of the process. Contact our customer support for more information at

  • Can I remove user reviews from my listing?

    User reviews can be removed only by our technical team.

  • How do I leave a review?

    Users have to create an account at in order to be able to leave a review. User accounts are completely free of charge.

  • Can not find appropriate categories/ fields?

    If you can not find the right category, field, location matching to your listing, please contact our support team at and we will assist you accordingly.

  • What is required to List My Business?

    No documentation is needed from the listing owner to list their businesses. Simply purchase the right package that aligns best to your company requirements and list your business.

  • Will there be Reports available?

    Yes. Listing Owners will have the opportunity to access analytics/ reports from inside of their listing owners' dashboard.

  • How do I submit my lisitng after purchasing a package?

    Visit your profile via the Profile Icon on the menu and submit your listing right from inside the Listing Owner's Dashboard.

  • Is it right that the proceeds are going to be invested in the Regions of Armenia?

    Yes. The proceeds are going to be invested in the Regions of Armenia. Every year a report will be shared with the community where all the initiatives will be covered.

  • Who do you consider Armenian Business?

    Any organization (for profit or NGO) that has the founder/ owner Armenian, that operations in the good cause of Armenia is eligible to list its business with I-AM.AM.

  • Is I-AM.AM and NGO?

    I-AM.AM is an LLC registered in the USA.

  • Does I-AM.AM partner with any Armenian NGO?

    Yes, I-AM.AM is partnering with COAF (Children of Armenia Fund). 70% of the $10 Subscription proceeds will be donated to COAF to support them with their SMART initiatives to advance Armenian rural communities through innovation.

  • Can I apply for tax-deduction?

    No. I-AM.AM is not a NGO that listed businesses are donating to. Businesses are subscribing to the I-AM.AM Armenian Business Directory and I-AM.AM is directing the subscription proceeds to Armenia.

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