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Benefits Of I-AM.AM Armenian Business Directory

What You Can Get From I-AM.AM Armenian Business Directory?

Local Visibility

Enhance your local visibility by listing your business at I-AM.AM. How does this work? Every time a user will be searching for a business or a service in your field and within your area in any search engine, your business listing will show up on their search results. Like it happens in Google Maps, Bing, or any other online searches.

Brand Awareness

How much does your business spend on marketing and advertising? Decent amount of money for sure. What if we come to say that business directories can take a part of it on themselves. By being featured on any reputable business directory’s website, social media pages, newsletter, etc. your company is getting a brand awareness from a reputable organization where there is a chance of their users seeing your business listing, showing interest, and engaging with your business listing page. So it is important to keep your business listing up to date.

Boost SEO

When listing your business in local Armenian Business Directories you are getting a backlink (a link that is taken back to your website). Backlinks are one of the first tools people use to optimize their SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If your website has many backlinks, search engines consider your website trustworthy and will support your website to appear on top of search results.

Rank Higher on Google

By listing your website in local Armenian Business Directories and gaining backlinks and optimizing your SEO you are increasing your chances of ranking higher on Google. The more search results indicate your name or website in them the higher are chances of users clicking at one of them. We all target to get on top of Google’s first page and be in the first five results. To do so, we need backlinks from trustworthy and reputable websites to link back to our website.

Increase Your Reputation

Nowadays, people trust reviews more than anything. They read reviews before visiting a place or shopping from them. Imagine if you have a place where people can leave their feedback about their experience with your business. No matter negative or positive, reviews play a vital role in your Armenian Business. Make sure to invite your customers to leave their reviews on your local business directory listing page and make sure to engage with them and reply within 24-48 hours. Building a reputation will take a while, but it can take a second to ruin and the bad/negative reviews to spread. Consider any type of reviews as a chance to evolve and increase their sales.

To Sum It Up

Add your business listing page’s URL to your website, social media accounts, email signature, etc.

Share with your friends and followers to visit your business listing page and leave their reviews

Share, Share, Share – let the users engage with your business listing page and lead the traffic to your website

Make sure your business listing is up to date and all first-hand information is available for users to grab on

The more places you have backlinks pointing back to your website the better

Engage, Revisit, Update on an ongoing basis