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Donara’s Story

About Donara

I am a driven analytics professional experienced in working in a digital environment delivering client-facing projects. A strong supporter of lifelong learning.

Passionate about International Relations!

My experience in marketing and technology management has helped me create I-AM.AM – The First Global Armenian Business Directory. Working with cross-functional teams has taught me the importance of building trusted relationships and inspiring a shared project vision.

More about my job experience can be found on my Linkedin account.

I am Donara Jaghinyan from Armenia, a country where women are still fighting for their rights. Where in a deep rural families women still don’t have a voice to speak up. And if you have kids, worse, you can forget about working. Well, I want to show it is not like that, anymore.

Have you ever heard word multipreneur? Well here I am, happy wife and a girl having a lot of technical and soft skills willing to combine them into one great concept of connecting all Armenian Owned Businesses together.


My Story

After 2020 Karabagh War there was a need for Armenians to unite and be one again, everyone started investing in various projects that will support Armenia and Small Businesses over Armenia and its regions.

Armenians are everywhere and in every category, but there has always been a need of finding them all in one place, one repository. Earlier in 2021, my husband and I had an idea of connecting all Armenian Owned Businesses from around the world and make them be more visible, reach higher search results and appear on online and social media platforms. This is how we initiated of creating the main hub, centralized platform to connect all Armenian Owned Businesses – I-AM.AM – The First Global Armenian Business Directory where you can find Everything Armenian.

Find the amazing Armenian Owned Businesses listed on I-AM.AM platform, explore and share with your community and friends.