The Armenian Artists Project (AAP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, whose purpose is to support Armenian artists and sculptors living and working in Armenia, by providing them with a platform to exhibit, promote and sell their original art to an international market. Every time a work is sold, the matching amount of what the artist receives is put aside to be allotted as charity in Armenia, to help rebuild schools, health centers, housing, community centers, water projects and infrastructure.  

The balance of art sales revenue is used for direct operational costs of the AAP website, thus allowing the art buyers almost a 60% income tax deduction of their art purchases (Tax Deductible Art). To make things even better for you, we have included shipping, insurance and customs costs in our prices, which are provided with a 10-day refund guarantee.  

Buyers and art collectors who acquire art through the website, transform their purchases into charitable acts by supporting Armenia with a projected 95% of each art purchase dollar going directly into the Armenian economy.


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