My name is Lusine Saakyan, I have a degree in Child Development, I am an artist and a mother of two. I believe art is an essential part of our lives. Creative minds bring out beauty and balance into our day. Many forms of art speak to us in ways we can relate to and have the ability to transform our mood. Having a small portion of our day dedicated to making, listening, reading, or viewing art gives us positive energy.


I started painting as a hobby, held multiple solo exhibitions, and participated in group shows. By profession, I am an educator and I have more than 16 years of experience as a program director. Additionally, I have taught preschool and inclusion / special education students in the public education sector for over 10 years.


In 2021 I decided to combine my love of art and teaching and offer a unique approach to art appreciation. This program opens a new approach to learning about famous artists and their works of art. My aim is to teach ages 5 to 15 year olds to appreciate art by molding the curriculum to meet the student’s needs. A fun, developmentally appropriate, hands-on, creative six-week session will introduce influential artists, their paintings, styles, and genres. We will discuss different mediums used, historical fun facts, short artist biographies, and much more.


The program will help bring out student’



Enhance social skills

Raise confidence

Provide eye-hand coordination

Build concentration

Improve fine motor skills and attention to detail

Expand vocabulary and art terminology …

Encourage ongoing exploration and research to further their interests

I hope to spark interest for the arts in my students and look forward to our creative adventure.


During our program students will…

Be Introduced to famous artists and their works of art

Have hands-on, interactive projects on different genres and mediums

Creating their own interpretation of masterpieces

Learn fun facts about the artist & their art

Differentiate different styles of art and more

Have discussions about style of paintings

Play memory and matching games

Write descriptive narrative of their artwork

Allow ongoing exploration and use of wider variety of art materials, tools and supplies.




Glendale, CA, USA