Armenia has always been famous for its wide range of high quality and beautiful leather products. “Payusac” company, since its foundation in 2020, wanted to revive the long-standing Armenian traditions of leather goods production, along with creating its own unique and distinguishable design. The company presents an exclusive range of handmade bags for the market.

 Our unique style gives new breath to the character of an Armenian beauty and grants her the opportunity to feel and be special.

 We were highly inspired by the feedbacks of our customers, which encouraged us to strive for an even stronger commitment.

 The models with bird letters have been loved by many of our customers. Our Armenian women want to carry handbags with their names, and thus this design of handbags began to develop with great vigour.

 We were highly encouraged by the orders from abroad. With great pleasure, we have already delivered Armenian handbags to the USA, Germany, France, Cyprus, Russia, Poland, Georgia and other countries. We want to present Armenian products to the whole world with great honour.

 The themes related to music and African silhouette characters, along with ancient images, have always had a special place in our collection.

 The goal of PayuSAC is to help their customers to be unique and distinguishable from the surrounding environment. In addition to that, we also want to make the Armenian products more represented abroad.


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16 Tsitsernakaberd Hwy, Yerevan 0082, Armenia