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From Lori to Yeghegnadzor: Meet the Armenian Cheese Types

From Lori to Yeghegnadzor: Meet the Armenian Cheese Types

Hello Cheese Lovers! Did it ever happen to you to be lazy to cook or come home from a busy working day so hungry that the first and only thing to think of eating is Bread and Cheese – Հաց ու Պանիր. Then this article is for you. On this day of National Cheese Lovers Day, we have compiled a selection of top Armenian cheese types for your selection as well as combined them with the top Armenian Cheese producers. Put some tea on and let’s start the party.

1 – Armenian Cheese Motal

Herb lovers, You’d love this. We call it Armenian “Rockford” because the aging of this cheese can take up to 6 months. It is mostly made of goat milk from Zangezur and Artsakh regions. Mixed with some Armenian herbs, that our lands are rich with.

Armenian motal cheese

2 – Armenian Cheese Chechil or Armenian String Cheese

Mmmm, our favorite, when grandma was preparing Chechil and hanging from the wood so it dries my cousins and I was sneaking in into the room to eat it wet and warm.

Most of the time, Armenians make String cheese from goat or sheep cheese. It has more fat in it and makes the cheese milkier with stretch. The production of Chechil cheese is unique. The curds of cheese are being drained in the milk and then heated. Afterward, they dry them and twist them to a braided shape.

Armenian Tel or String Cheese

3 – Armenian Cheese Lori

You might already be guessing where this cheese is being made. Lori region in Armenia is reaching with fruitful grasses and herbs and is a perfect landscape for the caws to feed and gain their milk with various vitamins. Lori region has been popular in cheese production since Soviet times.

Armenian Lori Cheese

4 – Armenian Cheese Chanax

Lori region is also popular for its Chanax type of cheese. Being spicy and salty in the meantime, chanax cheese has its own selection of Armenian cheese lovers. The texture of Lori cheese is firmer if we compare it with the Chanax cheese.

It is the Lori region that produces Yellow and Swiss cheese as well.

Chanax Armenian Cheese

5 – Armenian Cheese from Yeghegnadzor

Yeghegnadzor cheese has a particular preparation method. This type of cheese is matured and stored in individual clay pots which are buried in mountains for a half year. And of course, it is widely prepared in the Yeghegnadzor region.

Armenian Yeghegnadzor cheese

Did we open some appetite for you yet? Let us know what is your favorite Armenian cheese of them all.

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