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Top 5 Armenian Businesses in Europe

Top 5 Armenian Businesses in Europe

Armenian traces from Europe are coming back from the 1700s. It is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands where the Armenian church was founded around 1715, with the year carved in the flagstone above the main door. There is a bridge near the church called Armeensebrug (Armenian Bridge). 

Windows of the Armenian church in Amsterdam

There is another trace of Armenian history coming back from the 1700s from Italy. San Lazzaro degli Armeni is a small island in Venice which has been home to the monastery of an Armenian Catholic congregation since 1717. 

Over the period of time Armenia was under the Soviet Union and Post USSR timeframe Armenian diaspora spread in all over Europe, from Baltic states to the United Kingdom,

Greece, France and every corner of the Armenian Diaspora. By settling down they slowly started integrating with the society and became a complete part of the country they adopted. But no one of them forgot their nationality, moreover some Armenians took it to the next level, by opening and establishing Armenian businesses in Europe. Bringing Armenian culture and traditions into Europe. Let’s look into the top 5 Armenian Businesses and organizations in Europe selected by the I-AM.AM Team. 


Location: Brussels, Belgium 

I-AM Listing: Here 

Located in the heart of Europe, Apricotta offers a range of ravishing handmade jewelry and scarves. Apricotta has products of Armenian brands and artisans, such as Artuyt, Im zard, 4tyseven, Arm Root, Matt, Muradian, Koriz and Nush. 

The owner of Apricotta has selected the most exquisite pieces for fearless souls who opt for uniqueness. All the products that one can see on their website are available in stock and can be shipped directly from Brussels to any corner of Europe within 1-2 working days.


Armat Concept 

Location: Barcelona, Spain 

I-AM Listing: Here 

Another Armenian business from Europe is Armat Concept. Armat Concept is an online platform that gives an immense opportunity to all talented Armenian designers and artists to get united and show cast their works both from Armenia and Europe. Every piece of work is unique since every item expresses Armenian culture, art, history and centuries-old creative spirit. 

The idea of the website has been initiated by a group of young Armenians from Spain who acclaim uniqueness and exclusivity of Armenian fashion and art. On Armat Concept website you can witness a big choice of Armenian products, and experience fast delivery and quality service․

Network Nation Podcast 

Location: Germany 

I-AM Listing: Here

Network Nation is a Podcast about Armenian Projects worldwide aiming to improve the situation after the war and contribute to Armenia’s development. 

Dr. Hayk Vardanyan, an IT specialist with a science background, interviews the representatives of these projects to understand what they do and how interested people can join them. 

Network Nation is a Podcast about Armenian Projects worldwide aiming to improve the situation after the war and contribute to Armenia’s development. 

FRANCE: Armenian community in France is one of the largest ones. I-AM.AM would like to feature two I-AM Listings from our community that are coming from France. 

Armlyon International 

Location: France 

I-AM Listing: Here

Armlyon (Nationsorg association) is a mix of International Social and Economic – Digital information in one Armenian group. They help the society accept that the Armenians in the different countries might have different mentality and opinions, so should have one (or more) digital platforms for the topics discussions (to find the truth). 

Armlyon is not a commercial project and is not financed by any Government or a political party. They call themselves the “Digital & International” people. 

Armlyon manages the Armenian (and other) language school (99% digital) with the European attestation provisioning. They would like in the future to add the automatic news API from the different ressources (in the real time), the Data analyze and the prediction of the possible risks. There are around 30 – 50 local & international annual events. Armlyon has been chosen by BPI France as one of 200-s the technological Deeptech projects of the year. 

Nationsorg poster

Cecile Zorakian 

Location: France 

I-AM Listing: Here 

Cécile Zarokian is a Paris-based independent perfumer who founded her company in 2011. She has created over a hundred fragrances for various brands in the European, Middle-Eastern and Latin-American perfume markets. In addition to her creation skills as a perfumer in fine fragrance, homecare and bodycare, Cecile works with international

brands as a consultant in scent branding, helping them to create and develop their olfactory identity. 

In 2019 Cécile Zarokian took up the challenge to enter the Latin-American market, and started with Brazil by creating the scent of Granado’s “Bossa” complete line, launched in 2020 for this iconic Carioca brand’s 150-year anniversary. 

Wrapping Up 

This is just a small list of Armenian businesses and organizations in Europe. By providing the list of top Armenian businesses and organizations in Europe I-AM.AM team hopes to have its own part in supporting Armenian businesses to gain online and local awareness and increase their search visibility. Visit them when traveling, explore their I-AM listings and feel free to leave your feedback if you have ever used their services.