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How to List Your Business on I-AM.AM?

How to List Your Business on I-AM.AM?

I-AM.AM is inviting all Armenian Owned Businesses globally to join us and List Their Businesses by becoming one of the first adopters of the first Global Armenian Directory.

Listing your business on I-AM.AM is super simple and can be done by everyone no matter the knowledge level of the technology. It is one of the easiest and affordable ways to make it more visible to the public, raise awareness, increase the social ranking as well as strengthen the company’s reputation. 

I-AM.AM is a great platform to grow business no matter the size of the company by giving an opportunity to be discovered by millions of Armenians ready to buy, visit or partner. 

How To Add Your Business to I-AM.AM in Three Easy Steps?

Before listing (opening) a company make sure the company name and domain name are available to be used by you. Visit I-AM.AM website to make sure there are no companies listed with the same name and location already. If not, then you are good to go.

1 – Create an Account

First-time users are required to create an account in order to proceed to Listing Their Business. Login/ Sign Up location can be found on the top menu bar. 

Visit your Email account in order to verify your provided email address.
Create a personal account by visiting the link on the top right corner of the menu. Add the appropriate information related to you as a person owning or responsible for the listed business. This way you are letting people know that you are a real person and people can contact you if needed.

REMEMBER: This is Personal Profile and the information provided in here is not associated with the Business Listing page.

Create an Account with i-AM.AM

2 – Subscribe

After account was activated one needs to Subscribe.

Login to your account and follow the below steps. Join I-AM.AM by simply subscribing to the available option provided by our company either visiting the Red Button on top right corner of your Personal Profile or selecting the “Join Now” button from the available subscription page.

Choose the method of the payment that you would like to link to your account. Follow the on screen instructions by completing the checkout.

Once the Order is complete you will receive and email from which you can directly proceed to Submitting Your Business.

Do not worry about your information. Our Privacy Policy has made everything possible in order to provide you an easy and secure platform during the whole duration of your subscription. You can get familiar with the Policies and Regulations on our website.

Subscribe from inside your Account
Subscribe using available package on Join I-AM.AM page

3 – List Your Business

Once you have created your personal account and subscribed the last step to complete your account is to Submit Your Listing. You can access it from inside your Admin Dashboard or on the top right corner of the menu bar by simply selecting the “Submit My Listing” button.

List Your Business From Inside Your Account
List Your Business Using the "Submit My Listing" Button on the Website

When Listing Your Business make sure to add all the necessary fields in order to give as much information as possible to people visiting your listing.

– Add the company logo,

– Company name,

– Social media accounts associated with your company.

– Pictures and videos. If you have pictures and videos representing your brand, great, add them as well. Videos and pictures are one of the most important things in a company’s outreach,

– Any other supporting information that will better describe your company.

4 – Claim Your Business

Once you have submitted your Business listing it is the time to Claim Your Listing. Go ahead to the right side of your business listing, find the box “Claim Listing” and click on it a box will pop up which you will need to add your information and hit “Claim My Business Now” button . Once your business listing is reviewed by the I-AM.AM team it will be confirmed or returned back to you for more information in order to confirm your ownership/ relation of the business.

Once the Business is Listed

Once you have listed your business make sure to revisit it on a daily basis, tell your friends who own businesses to join I-AM.AM as well, tell your customers about the new place to follow you and advise them to leave recommendations/ reviews if they are happy with your service or products.

Make sure to keep your listing up to date to match the new trends and updates applied to your business. Update the pictures, view NUMBER OF THE USER VIEWS, react and reply to the reviews left by the customers and simply enjoy the I-AM.AM platform with all its benefits provided to you.

If you have more questions check out our FAQ page, if you still have questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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