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Gain The Most Of The Customer Reviews

Gain The Most Of The Customer Reviews

Customer reviews play a great role in creating a positive image for your business as a brand. Establishing a strong and positive identity requires effort and a strategic approach. 

Today, it is more than necessary to care about customer experience and meet customer expectations. It speaks about your business’s unique attitude towards its customers, and it proves that customer satisfaction is one of your business’s priorities.

 A business clearly cannot exist and flourish without its customers. Besides, if you don’t know what your customers think about you, and whether they are satisfied with your business or not, you can never delight them, convince them to make another purchase or use another service again.

How To Gain More Customer Reviews

More often than not, customers who are most satisfied with your business or service never let you know about it. They are either lazy to do it because it includes too many steps or they forget to do it because they’re too busy enjoying the service or the product. 

The situation is under your control, and you have a perfect chance now to structure your ideas and plan some steps that you can take to get the most of the customer reviews. There are a few essential measures you should never miss in your list:

  • Set a goal on the number of reviews you think your business needs to get.

It’s always ideal to have a specific direction towards which you can head to. Setting a measurable goal can, later on, help you to assess your achievements and show accurate results.

One thing to remember here – is to make it super simple and easy to do. For example, in every email you send to them, you can mention the website where they are welcome to leave the review. Besides, you can automate this process using various tools available online – creating automated customer review request emails.

  • Choose the right timing for asking.

Right when you notice that a person has become your customer and , for example, has made purchases on your website, it’s an ideal time to send that email containing some CTA that will make it easy for them to give their honest feedback. The right timing is key.

  • Show some engagement in the existent reviews.

Communicate with your customers and create a sense of community – a sort of emotional connection that will make them come back again and again. 

Communication with customers

Try not to ignore the negative reviews and honestly show support – provide your customers with some type of resolution. After all, it’s always a good idea to publish not only positive reviews, but also negative ones. It ensures trust in customers that all their voices are heard and none are ignored. It also shows that the reviews are not fake and the reviews page is not sparkling with unnatural gleam.

  • Offer something in return as a reward for taking the time to write the review.


It can include promotion gifts, discounts, free shipping, free publicity, additional services, and so on – depending on the type of your business. Make it clear in your first statement when you’re asking for a review, for example, in a personalized email. 

Why Customer Reviews Are Important

Top customer reviews create the first impression for the newcomer customers, who will read those reviews as they first discover your business in the future. Those reviews are the seeds on which the buying decisions of your potential customers grow. 

You may have heard the slogan ‘The Customer is always right’ initiated in the early 20th century by Harry Gordon Selfridge, John Wanamaker, and Marshall Field. They were retailers who realized that the success of their stores depended on the happiness of their customers. 

They created an outstanding attitude towards customers, which led them to massive success in their businesses. It’s not that every single customer, regardless of what they say, is correct. The philosophy in this slogan is that you should always make an extra effort to solve the customer’s problem and try to understand their needs. This approach is likely how we can lay the foundation of a great customer experience.

Buying decisions of potential customers

Customers (at least 85% of them) do thorough research on products or services before spending their money on them, and a considerable percentage of that research comprises what other people think about those products or services.  Those customers trust the reviews they see online as much as personal recommendations.

Customer reviews have an impact on the website’s ranking in the search engines. When your business gets an online reputation for being one of the best in the industry, search engines rank you higher. If you have positive reviews from satisfied customers, you may get backlinks from authoritative websites, thus increasing your chances of being well recognized by search engines.


In the end, your business’s success is dependent on customer satisfaction and the way your customers express it in the form of reviews. So, do you think you know how to use reviews and what your customers think about you to boost your business? Feel free to share your success stories in the comments.

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  1. a difficult customer, you must focus on longevity. Customers are the ones who spread opinions about your business, so they must be cherished and respected. When you focus on the idea of establishing a long-term