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International Tea Day: Armenian Tea And Its Benefits

International Tea Day: Armenian Tea And Its Benefits

People celebrate International Tea Day on December 15th. Without a doubt, such a delicious, healthy, and ancient drink like tea deserves its celebration, so it makes Armenian tea! However, in many countries, for example, in England, Japan, China, Uzbekistan, tea drinking is a special ceremony. Besides, tea brewing- a real art, the secret of which few know. Moreover, now there are thousands of tea art schools in the world, in which they teach only one thing – how to brew and serve different types of tea correctly.


The purpose of tea day is to popularize the drink. But that’s not all. The holiday creators wanted to show people that they do not forget that a whole tea industry forms a hot aromatic drink around each cup.


There are many legends about the discovery of tea. For example, there is a legend according to which the ancient shepherds noticed the vigor and good health of the sheep that ate the leaves of the tea tree.

Today tea is also grown in Armenia. The very concept of “tea” now has a broader meaning. It can be a drink brewed from tea tree leaves with various herbs, spices, fruits, or herbs.


Mainly Armenian tea producers are using a few types of herbs. In addition, due to Armenia’s climate and nature, herbs are being collected from high Armenian mountains beneficial for health.

- Mint Since ancient times

Mint is one of the most widely used herbs in Armenia. It has a beautiful aroma, and its pleasant taste helps to increase immunity and at the same time calm the nerves. In addition, the mint infusion helps the villagers fight abdominal pain, nausea, and convulsions.

tea herbs

- Thyme

It is widely used in folk medicine. The tincture and decoction of this plant are effective in pneumonia, bronchitis, pharyngitis, and angina. In addition, regular consumption of thyme cook regulates digestion, helps with stomach pain, reduces flatulence, and regulates intestinal microflora due to its antiseptic properties.

- Chamomile

Chamomile is rich in proteins, pectins, beneficial acids, essential oils, and flavonoids. It has an absorbing, anti-inflammatory, sedative, emollient, choleretic, sedative, and analgesic effect on the body. This natural antispasmodic fights stress, depression, irritability, insomnia. Tea with chamomile accelerates bile production, helps with gastritis, and helps restore the intestinal microflora.

- Mix of the herbs

Along with the unique taste and smell, these herbs also have charming properties together too. Therefore, their bouquet can be considered a universal remedy for all types of infections. Trying to taste the mix of these herbs, you will feel the breath of the wind of the mountains of Armenia. Moreover, since they contain only natural substances and do not poison the body, you can use them daily and in limitless quantities.

I-AM.AM Recommended Armenian-Owned Teas

-Herbal Tea Nazan

One of the Armenian-owned teas is Nazan. With their original packaging and paintings on it, Nazan offers six tastes of Armenian teas that are ecologically clean. Each package is about just $4. Each has original and different names as packaging by itself. However, all of them are for other missions, starting from improving the brain function and finishing with heart and gastrointestinal tract improvement.

Herbal Tea Nazan


“Mountea” is a herbal tea collected from the high mountainous regions of Armenia and processed by traditional means.

MounTea’s team harvest the herbs from the Vayots Dzor region, and the company imports black tea from India. At first, the variety of products was in four flavors. Over the years, the assortment has increased up to 9 tea flavors.



Another Armenian tea producing company is TeaYan, which became quite popular with the last “provocative” banner ads in the streets of Armenia. The name is saying by itself that it’s an Armenian tea. Tea+’’Yan” surname ending shows nationality. Teayan is “handmade” herbal tea made from the Armenian mountains’ delicious flowers, plants, and berries. Each ingredient in each tea bag is weigh in individual grams, like gold.



In 2014 with the help of herbal infusions, the Nazanyan family managed to recover from a serious illness. Impressed by the result, the Nazanyans decided to share their own life experience of nature’s healing power with people. They founded an organization specializing in creating herbal teas, infusions, and other natural products. This is how the idea of ‘’Darman’’, which translated from Armenian means ‘’remedy/cure’’ came up to the world!

Sustainably grown in the mountains of the Tavush Region of Armenia, Armenia’s famous herbal infusions are gathered in season, composed and mixed from top-quality herbs. 

Armenian Tea

-Partez-Herbal Tea

The next Armenian-owned tea producer is Partez. Herbs and berries are collected from fragrant fields and highlands of Armenia and Artsakh to create the PARTEZ HERBAL TEA. Herbal teas are entirely natural and have truly numerous valuable properties such as increasing immunity, improving digestion, lowering blood pressure, activating metabolism, and analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-stress properties.

Partez tea

-Karaberd Tea

Finally, Armenian-owned  Karaberd Herbal Tea is a rich collection of herbs from the highlands of the beautiful Lori region in Armenia. It has undergone a traditional and natural development process with no chemical interference. 

Karaberd tea

In a word, all these natural goods testify one more time that buying Armenian-owned is the most fantastic choice that you can make. We are rich with our mountains and the herbs on them:)

After this list of Armenian-owned teas and tea’s beneficial effects, even those who don’t like tea will run to drink, especially when the weather creates a cozy atmosphere to take a warm blanket, a cup of hot tea, and fly to Armenian mountains in mind. So have a safe flight and enjoy the Armenian tea!