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Buying Armenian Owned For Holiday Season

Buying Armenian Owned For Holiday Season

Buying Armenian-owned has become a lifestyle and the Holiday season is an amazing time to buy gifts for yourself and share with friends. The holidays are the best time to allow yourself to try and buy new things. If you are ever confused as to gift ideas, you have come to the right place. I-AM.AM Armenian Business Directory provides not only an opportunity to filter and search Armenian businesses in different locations but we also are updating our blog in order to provide helpful tips to both business owners and site visitors. We wanted to make sure to give you some other tips for Buying Armenian this Holiday Season before we start to drop our Holiday Buying Guides and Ideas.

1. Plan Ahead

It holds true for all holidays and especially more to the Christmas holidays. Indeed, this is the key to a productive shopping experience at all times. You should already be thinking about the people who are on your gifts’ list and the events you may be attending or hosting. If you think about things beforehand, you will also save time for yourself, problems, and funds. Set a plan, select your buying dates, and decide when you would need your items. Make a list of the gifts and people. Also, determine where the packages should be delivered. 

2. Order Beforehand

Armenian small businesses need time to get shipments ready, process, pack orders, and ship them to you. You should be planning your holiday gifts list right now and order at the first opportunity. There were situations where packages were not delivered for weeks after they were shipped last year, due to COVID-19. Consider overseas shipments as well, which will require way more processing time. This year doesn’t seem to be like last year as it seems right now (we truly hope so), stores are more open and people are out more, but you should not rely on things to be that much faster. Learn from last year. Be smart. Be Proactive.

3. Be Patient

If you organize your orders early, then it is time to wait and be a bit patient by the time they get to you. Give yourself some time to wait until the Armenian entrepreneurs get your orders ready and ship them to you. Trust us, they all want to get you your orders asap. Make sure all of the addresses are correct. 

Also, make sure that you check your spam and junk folders to make sure you aren’t missing crucial communications because it is not getting through to you.

4. Pay Attention 

Pay attention to the contact email provided by you and check up on social media and websites from where you have made your recent orders. In today’s digital world you can often have important announcements and information given out via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook before it ever hits your inbox and websites. When you must communicate, remember that many of the people you reach might be Armenian small business owners without a dedicated team of professionals who can put aside abrasive language. Start off on the right foot and be respectful.

Business Owners: Communicate Clearly

Armenian Business Owners, this tip is for you. Do not assume that a customer should know something because you put it on one social media channel. One thing I have seen over the past year via my experience in marketing is that different customers come from different channels and they don’t always check the others or read all the information provided on social media or websites. The algorithm also may not put the right information in front of the right eyeballs in a timely manner. Be as precise as possible and as transparent as possible. 

Good luck to everyone and Happy Holidays. We would love to know if this article was helpful or not. Feel free to share with those who will benefit from these tips.