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Use customer reviews to promote your local business and inspire staff

Use customer reviews to promote your local business and inspire staff

A customer review is one of the most powerful tools your business can use. Today we want to teach you how to use customer reviews to promote your local business and inspire staff. There are many incredible benefits to this efficient strategy, so let’s check them out!

Reviews build trust

Whether people shop online or at a retailer, the business needs to offer an option to leave a review. This is a required standard of service today. Customers need to be able to express themselves and send feedback about their experiences.

As a business owner, collecting as many reviews as possible is in your best interest. First, this will show the future customers you are not trying to hide anything. Second, reviews also help them to decide whether to purchase something or not. And finally, reviews are critical feedback you can use to improve your business.

An illustration of a person holding a plate with the word "feedback." Customer reviews build trust, and they help you connect with the clients.

A good review will boost your conversion rate

If you sell a product and get a fantastic review, every next customer will see that. We already mentioned that reviews help future customers to make informed decisions. But, they also increase the conversion rate.

Reviews promote your business in the best possible way, which attracts more customers.

Reviews boost the confidence of your employees

Everyone wants to be praised for a job well done. Employees need that confidence boost to keep them motivated to continue providing exceptional service. This is especially important when handling a demanding customer. That can be mentally exhausting, and it can create a hostile atmosphere. But, if that customer leaves a review and says that employees were able to solve their problem, that’s a massive bonus for the employees.

It is essential to boost employees’ confidence and show them that their hard work matters.

Another thing to remember is that reviews also show you how employees communicate with your clients. If you see many positive reviews, that means your employees care about the service.

An angry and frustrated customer

You can even use reviews to give bonuses to the most efficient employees, which will only push them to continue to provide exceptional service. And it will also motivate others to give their best and earn a bonus.

Reviews are best for promoting your business locally

Local SEO is the most important for small local Armenian businesses. This is their ticket to the big league. Local businesses should focus on providing exceptional service to the neighborhood.

One thing to understand is that people like to shop on a recommendation. Customer reviews are the same as word-of-mouth advertising in this modern business world.

If you continue to push to get more customer reviews and publish them on your website, you substantially increase the chances that more locals will find out about your business. This is also important for local SEO.

Reviews help you to improve your products and services

There is no better advertisement for a business than when it improves its products or services. That’s a clear sign that the company is moving forward.

Since reviews are vital customer feedback, you need to use them to improve your company. That’s why reviews are so crucial for Armenian businesses.

Without the reviews, you would not know if there is something that needs to be fixed or not. However, when you get customer feedback, you can dig into the small details of your products and raise the quality to the expected standards.

Reviews are extremely important for overall SEO

Google loves reviews. We mentioned that reviews improve local SEO precisely because they help businesses to connect with clients.

Search engine optimization is moving forward in many wonderful ways, and customer communication plays a crucial role. The more contact you have with your clients, the better.

Any business that posts customer reviews is a transparent business, and that’s what Google loves the most.

Do not hide negative reviews

Getting positive feedback from your clients is a fantastic feeling. It is a sign you are doing something right. It is a tremendous boost to the confidence and motivation of your employees. However, what happens if you receive a negative review?

Dissatisfied clients usually mean there is something wrong, and sometimes business owners fear negative reviews because they might harm the business and the company’s reputation. That is a huge misconception, and they can even be helpful for your business.

Every review is the feedback you can use. Believe it or not, negative reviews can help your business more than positive ones:

  • that’s an opportunity to correct mistakes in your service or with your products;
  • negative reviews allow you to connect with unhappy customers and show them you care;
  • responding to negative reviews or sharing them means you have nothing to hide, and you are willing to cooperate to make things right;
  • negative reviews give more personality to your business. It is impossible to satisfy every customer, and your business will look more believable if there are both positive and negative reviews,

One thing to remember is that you absolutely must respond to every negative comment. You need to understand the problem and let the customer know you are working on the solution. You are doing your best to right your wrongs.

Promote your local business and inspire staff by acquiring more customer reviews

Now that we know how critical reviews are, let’s see how to get more, so you can use customer efficiently. If you run an online store, create a feedback form after every purchase to ensure the technical process does not have any bugs. You can also ask customers for a review after a week or two. Automated emails are fantastic for this. You can create customer comment cards and hand them out after every purchase if you own a retail store. Or, you can kindly ask clients to take the cards, fill them in after a couple of days, and mail them to your business. That’s how you can push for more customer reviews and tremendously help your business and staff be better!