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10 Armenian Owned Christmas Gifts For Your Family

10 Armenian Owned Christmas Gifts For Your Family

Until Christmas and New Year, there is very little time left. So is the impressive list of an Armenian family for whom you need to buy gifts terrifying? Relax! We have compiled a selection of presents for all family members – there is something for Armenian grandmothers, nephews, and second cousins.

For Christmas, every home should have a magical and warm atmosphere. Therefore, give something cozy and warm. We have selected some Armenian-owned ideas for gifts for the New Year 2022 that will create a winter Christmas comfort, home clothes, warm socks or slippers, a knitted blanket, and a woven lampshade.

1. Creative Face Mask

Is there any more relevant gift than the face mask? The main accessory for 2020 is still on the way. Most likely, masks will become an integral part of our life in the near future. Present beautiful reusable masks to your friends who are impossible to resist! In the last couple of years, it has become a ‘’must-have’’ not only for safety, but some also started to fit the color with clothes, wear it in creative ways and choose creative prints on it. For Diasporan Armenians, a face mask with an Armenian pattern can be the perfect and the most actual gift.

creative face mask

2. Scarf

The scarf is a perfect gift for your Armenian mom or fiance. Scarfs can change the look totally and make it more elegant. You can get one from ‘’Artuyt’, which gives a different and exciting approach to scarves since they create them with an Armenian artist’s paintings and collages. Numerous prominent people like Angela Merkel, Kim Kardashian, Arsine Khanjyan, and many more have Made in Armenia scarves in their wardrobes.

art scarves

3. Soy Candles

The candle is one of the most emblematic Christmas presents as it symbolizes light, warmth, and faith. 

The selection of candles is enormous. There is a theory that a candle of a particular color expresses your wishes for the holiday. So a white candle – purity of thoughts, red – recognition of courage and masculinity, yellow symbolizes femininity and blue serenity. Soy candles with the Christmas packaging are eco-friendly and might be a perfect gift for those who love the comfort and relaxation of a unique fragrance.

Soy candle

4. Silver Brooch

Fashion repeats over time – this statement is also true for brooches. Modern brooches, of course, bear little resemblance to their predecessors, but they are no less popular. The silver brooch is a beautiful gift for a woman, as it is a practical and versatile accessory and often the most striking detail of the missing image. In addition, a brooch can become a remarkable outfit detail for your tatik(grandma) since the brooches are stylish details for all ages women.

It is worth choosing a brooch “with meaning” – it can be an owl, flower, a leaf of a clover, a pin, the initial letter of the name. The abstract shape of the product is also suitable.


5. The classic board game for the evenings

Besides getting around the entire relaxation table and watching movies, holidays are also about spending more time with family. Gift companion games are suitable for home parties! An excellent Christmas gift for 2022 can be the game “Jenga’’ for very cheerful companies. Even if you are far from Armenia, you can get it from an Online Armenian Store with shipping to wherever you are!


6. Hoodie

Hoodies know no gender and age! They are comfortable, colorful, casual, and warm. So shortly, everybody loves hoodies! You can even get hoodies for the whole Armenian family in their favorite colors!

Red hoodie

7. Skincare

We all know a person who is just obsessed with skincare. So what else can be a better gift for those people except skincare products? Get a healthy base layer or other skincare that will moisturize and hydrate their skin and keep them looking fabulous!

Skin care

8. Eco Bag

The world is becoming more eco-friendly day by day. Almost no one is now choosing expensive bags from animal leather for cruelty to financial reasons. For that reason, eco-bags came to replace them. They look beautiful; they are cheap, they are comfortable…enough reasons to get one or two? Eco bag_withme is an Armenian manufacturing company from where you can get a trendy eco bag as a gift. Why them? They manufacture fabric bags made by mothers who have kids with health problems. Solid reasons to make a kind move for this Christmas and at once make your relative happy with a gift.

eco bags

9. Coaster

Coasters are the perfect gift for fathers who love to spend hours in front of a TV sitting on their favorite chair or just for those who love to drink. But, of course, drinking should become an enjoyable process, and one coaster is enough of it boring. Still, you may turn it into a funny and creative collection with Coasterize by ordering a coaster as a gift with their favorite character or pattern.

P.S (if you have a grumpy person in your family, you may get one with the Grinch)

Coaster Home alone

10. Leather Wallet

Without this item, people have to shove bills, documents, business and bank cards, coins, and other things necessary to a person in their pockets. For the coming year, it’s time to empty the pockets and hands and make them throw their pot-bellied wallet away, and get a new elegant leather wallet for your loved ones. You can make it more special by personalizing it with their name or giving an Armenian pattern to it. Remember, nothing is equal to personalized gifts because they are the ones that make a person feel special!

Leather Wallet

We hope that our gifts list will help you when buying gifts for your beloved ones. Make sure to purchase Armenian-owned brands, so at once, you will help small and medium Armenian businesses and help your country grow.

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!