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2021 Year in review for I-AM.AM Armenian Business Directory

2021 Year in review for I-AM.AM Armenian Business Directory

2021 was a huge year for not only I-AM.AM Armenian Business Directory and our team but to all Armenian-owned businesses who joined us to build their business with I-AM.AM trying to come out from the post-COVID19 lockdown which kept our markets down for the past few years.

Before we jump into 2022, let’s look back at the most memorable moments of last year and see what we achieved together.

Website Traffic

With your help I-AM.AM website had more than 5000 unique visitors over the period of the last six months and ALL ORGANIC, no penny spent. See it yourself. We are happy to say that the number of returning customers is growing and with your support, we will increase it more.

Google Analytics overview from the Month of June 1 – December 20. (the day stats were captured.)

New Feature – Customer Reviews

Last month we launched a new feature on our website. Customer Reviews – which are an important part of every business, will now show up on Google search results.

Many of you have been encouraging your followers to visit your I-AM business listing pages and leave their feedback. Thank You. It indeed is beneficial to your business and when optimizing your SEO.

Let’s look at some of them and how they show up on Google.

Our top visited and reviewed business listing

  • 369 User Views
  • 6 Customer Reviews

I-AM.AM Customer Reviews Showing Up on Google Search Results

Kensatu brand is showing up on the first page of Google. 

Launched I-AM Blog

We have successfully launched I-AM blog where we are capturing useful recommendations which will help you when optimizing your search visibility and many other business-related tips.

We have also started a series of the I-AM recommendations of the top Armenian places in different locations. Our latest article about “Top Armenian owned restaurants in Philadelphia” reached more than 700 readers. Amazing right, and ALL ORGANIC․ More to come in 2022 with only your support.

I-AM Featured on Multiple Platforms

Thanks to our supportive Armenian community and friends. They brought I-AM.AM one step closer to their audience as well. See how they helped us.

  • Invest Magazine mentioned us in their Blog
  • Anet’s Collection shared about our founder Donara, in their Female Collectives Blog 
  • One of our early supporters, AIWA New England helped us by sharing across all their social media networks the news of the launch of I-AM.AM platform

I-AM Recommendations Went Overseas

Our beloved, Karreno from Charqute, asked for I-AM recommendations on where to visit when in Portugal and Greece. With our recommendations, he had the pleasure to visit Restaurant Ararate in Lisbon and Kebap to Rodi in Greece. How was it Karreno?

When we shared our Christmas Guide of Gift ideas from the Armenian-owned businesses one lady from Hawaii was so interested in the Miray Collections mask, that she couldn’t wait to purchase it. Hope she liked it 🙂

Karreno Alexanyan, the Founder of Charqute at Kebap to Rodi, Armenian Restaurant in Greece.

Armenian woman showing interest under I-AM.AM post about the mask mentioned in the I-AM blog as a Christmas gift idea.

Email Stats

Do you know the industry standards for the Email Open/Click rates? I am sure you are googling it now. Let me tell you that the average email open rate should be around 20-25 %. Your average click-through rate should be between 2-5%. 

Guess how many I-AM emails have’ open/click rates!!! During all email campaigns initiated by our team and with the help of the I-AM’s audience opening and showing interest by clicking the information provided in the emails we have achieved a 45.27% Open Rate, and 4.87% Click Rate. Incredible right?

What’s Next?

We can’t tell you everything that’s coming in the 2022 year, but take our word for it—there’s never been a better time to share with your other fellow Armenian business owners and have them list their businesses with I-AM.AM.

Until then, continue following us on our online platforms, visiting your I-AM accounts, and keeping your business listings up to date.

Thank you for making our favorite moments from this year possible, and for being a part of the I-AM community.