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5 Reasons Why Reviews Are Important For Armenian Owned Businesses

5 Reasons Why Reviews Are Important For Armenian Owned Businesses

As a customer, when we want to buy something, what do we look at first, and based on what we make our decision? Right, REVIEWS! Our brain accepts that other customers already had the same journey as we will, so it wants to ensure us from a bad experience and waste of money. 

In other words, easy internet access has radically changed the criteria for choosing products and service providers. Consumers no longer need to be content with “blind” choices. They have access to feedback from people who have already experienced the proposed products or services with just one click. Bad reviews can change the perception of the product that we even want so much, and so do 0 reviews, which seems non-trustable. 

It is clear why reviews are essential from the customer’s perspective and how it impacts their buying decisions. Now let’s explore why they are necessary for Armenian-owned businesses.


1) Customer Reviews Help understand customer needs and improve service.

Customer reviews help you understand customers’ desires and improve your service. Use this information to resolve problems quickly and efficiently. When consumers have a positive experience, they will return again and again for your products or services. So try to learn how to gain the most of the customer reviews.


2) Give customers a sense of value and build customer loyalty

By taking the time to review a business, consumers are more likely to feel loyalty to you and keep coming back. In addition, by leaving a review and thus establishing a relationship with the company, customers think that they have a voice, even behind the screen of a computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

They kind of do their public duty to other customers by giving them credible information about their experience with this company and giving the business a boost to be better for their customers.

3) Customer Reviews Help improve SEO

For your Armenian-owned company to be displayed effectively in online searches, you need to have competent search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. In addition, reviews play a key role in SEO as they affect how your company ranks in the search rankings.

Customer reviews give you a steady stream of positive content that search engines value highly. Google notes that “review pages that mention a keyword or city name rank higher in Google Local Pack. Having the keyword, you’re trying to rank for and mentioning the city where you do business significantly increases your search frequency and your business in Google My Business, or I-AM.AM Armenian business directory.

4) Customer Reviews are a source of additional advertising

Positive reviews on the Internet and social networks will bring significant benefits to your business. When used wisely, they can even replace an expensive marketing campaign. Testimonials are like micro-marketing campaigns that continue to run long after they’re posted, providing a consistently positive image to potential customers and ongoing brand awareness.

The presence of reviews about the company on the Internet encourages other users to leave their thoughts and opinions about the product or service. Thus, you get a constant, and most importantly, free source of advertising among your target audience, which will inspire more confidence than paid advertising materials.

5) Social Proof Drives Sales

In the age of smartphones, consumers are doing more research than ever before. According to a study by Fan & Fuel, 90% of online customers read reviews before making a purchase decision. In addition, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and 74% of consumers say positive reviews make them trust a local business more.

Customers turn to reviews to better understand the business: the more positive feedback you have, the better. Regardless of your industry, a positive online presence will increase your company’s credibility and help build your reputation as a market leader in products or services.


Wrapping Up

Customer reviews are the most powerful, mutually beneficial tool that any Armenian-owned business and consumer can use today. When most users base their buying decisions on reviews from other customers, the importance of having online reviews for your business can’t be overemphasized. 

We wish prosperity to your Armenian-owned business and only positive feedback from customers. Please leave a review about I-AM.AM, and other listings on our platform that you had a journey with.