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Keep Your Listing Information Up To Date!

Keep Your Listing Information Up To Date!

To be seen on search engines like Google, companies must be proactive with their marketing and develop a presence on the web that helps them be easily found. Good quality business information has several advantages for your organization:

Decision Making –  The better and accurate information you provide to your site visitors the more confidence they will have when purchasing your services or products.

Time Saving – It will be easy for your website visitors to find the appropriate information they are looking for and increase the chances of user conversion.

Marketing – Having correct information stated on your social accounts will give an opportunity to enable more accurate targeting and communications.

This way you are increasing the chances of gaining revenue, providing more opportunities of user conversion, and establishing a strong reputation among your customers and competitors.

How to Update Your Business Information on I-AM.AM?

  • From the I-AM.AM website go to your listing page.
  • On the bottom right corner select the edit icon in order to proceed to your Listing Settings.
  • Once inside, update/ edit all the appropriate fields with the accurate information and click “Submit” when finished.

Your Listing is updated and up to date.

Recommended information to keep updating on your I-AM.AM Listed Business

Take advantage of the features provided by I-AM.AM platform and keep your company information up to date. This way you will have a great opportunity to differentiate your company from competitors.

Listing Title and Category

The first field that you need to always have correct is your Listing Title, then Category.

When users visit the I-AM.AM search page, the first action they take will be selecting a category and searching for a key phrase that best matches their requirements.

When category and Listing Title are accurate on your business listing page the chances of your listing showing up on the top results are higher.

Contact Information

Do you want your customers to directly reach out to you by giving a call or shooting an email, then fill the fields with appropriate information. Make sure to have them accurate. 93% of consumers say they are frustrated by incorrect information found in online directories.

Social Media Accounts and Website

Do you want to gain new followers and increase your traffic to the website? Make sure to have your social media pages listed on your listed business page. Second thing after checking the reviews people are visiting the company’s social media pages to get more information on their social presence.


30% of consumers would go to a competitor if they can not locate a business because of incorrect information found online. Make sure to use our Google Maps settings to locate your business correctly.

Price Range and Hours

Are you a restaurant owner or a business that gives a wide range of price flexibility? Feel free to add your price range when listing your business. Are there certain days that your business is not working or maybe company holidays, great, you have a dedicated field to add your business hours?

Company Info

Last but not least make sure to have your company description in such a way that will attract customers from reading the first paragraph.

Once you have listed your business make sure to revisit it on a daily basis, inform your customers about the new place to follow you and advise them to leave recommendations if they are happy with your service or products.

Make sure to keep your listing up to date to match the new trends and updates applied to your business. Update the pictures, view the number of the unique user views of your listing, react and reply to the reviews left by the customers and simply enjoy the I-AM.AM platform with all the benefits provided to you.

I-AM.AM is a great platform to grow business no matter the size and niche of the company by giving an opportunity to be discovered by millions of users ready to buy, visit or partner. 

Need help listing your business? Check out our article on How to List Your Business on I-AM.AM.