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Saint Sarkis or Valentine’s Day – Which One Do Armenians Celebrate?

Saint Sarkis or Valentine’s Day – Which One Do Armenians Celebrate?

Hey, lovebirds, the patron of young people and young lovers Saint Sarkis is here. St. Sarkis is one of the most beloved saints in Armenia. Every year Armenians celebrate the feast day of St. Sarkis and his soldiers sometime between January 11th and February 15th or 63 days before Easter. But before going deep into the celebration and the Armenian traditions of the holiday, let’s get to know the origins of Saint Sarkis or Armenian Valentine’s Day.

Most Popular Legends About Saint (Surb) Sarkis

There are a few different stories about the Sourp Sarkis legend. But this is the most widely shared one in which Sarkis or “Sergius” was a Roman commander, a miracle worker, who had defected to Armenia. In one battle Sarkis with his 40 soldiers had defeated an enemy of 10,000.

According to the legend, after the great feast to celebrate their victory, all forty soldiers and St Sarkis himself were tricked and intoxicated by a “Persian ruler” who then asked forty damsels to thrust sharp daggers into the hearts of sleeping young men and kill them. 

Just one of the damsels, enchanted by the beauty of Sarkis, disobeys the order and instead of killing Sarkis, she kisses him. Sarkis awakens, and distraught by what he sees, he jumps on his white horse and dashes away. Since then, a rider on a white horse has become the symbol of love in Armenian tradition.

Another Legend Related to the Saint (Surb) Sarkis

Another interesting tradition related to Saint Sarkis day is eating “Aghablit”. The evening before the holiday, single Armenian boys and girls eat an Aghablit, praying to see their future bride or groom at their nights. They also put a plate of four in front of their doors. The tradition says if in the morning they see the footprint of the horse of Saint Sarkis it means their dream will be fulfilled. 

In modern days Armenians and other nations celebrate Saint Valentine’s day. A day when they give gifts,  flowers, sweets, and chocolates to each other by showcasing their love. Good to have a lovely and warm holiday like this in winter right? A holiday that warms the hearts of all of us no matter single, in a relationship, or married. A holiday that gives us a chance to love and be loved by our lovely ones and give some Armenian-owned gifts and sweets to each other and help Armenian small businesses at the same time.

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Wrapping Up

So what lovebirds, did you get a gift for your significant other already? If not, check out the list of the Armenian businesses from around the world that want to celebrate St Sarkis’ / Saint Valentines Day with you.

Let us know what gift did you get for your Valentine this year?

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