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Top 5 Armenian-Owned Restaurants in Los Angeles, California

Top 5 Armenian-Owned Restaurants in Los Angeles, California

When there are a variety of choices in which Armenian-owned restaurant to pick it is very hard to select one. One will need more than a week to be able to uncover all Armenian-owned restaurants in Los Angeles, California. During the series of articles, we have tried to cover top Armenian-owned businesses in states like PhiladelphiaMassachusetts (Boston) to help you when traveling to those states. The majority of Armenians live in California, specifically, Glendale – which is famous for being called “Little Armenia” is the heart of Armenians living in the USA. Even though the original Armenian comers to the USA in the early 16th century came to the East Coast, their future generations have explored the other states and mostly found their living in the West Coast. This time our team would like to provide recommendations on top Armenian-owned restaurants in the Los Angeles, California area.

Armenian-owned restaurants Los Angeles, California

marouch restaurants front


Marouch is a Lebanese Armenian – Middle Eastern restaurant in the heart of Los Angeles. Opened in 1982, Marouch is located at 4905 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029. Marouch has been accepting all types of nationalities as any other Armenian family would with love and hospitality. You can find any kind of authentic Armenian and Middle Eastern food that you want. Starting from Falafel and finishing with some nice Armenian fish will definitely fulfill your appetite. Enjoy the lovely Armenian family atmosphere when visiting Marouch, where the past will always be a part of the present. Marouch, when…here, now. 

storefront of mini kabob

Mini Kabob

Mini Kabob based in 313 1/2 Vine St, Glendale, CA is indeed mini. Covering over 300 sq-feet space of a small location, Mini Kabob accepts all its visitors with way more than 300 sq-feet heart with their hospitality and delicious Armenian cuisine for more than two decades already.

Covid pandemic in 2019-2022 had its impact on them as well. Mini Kaob had to close for some period of time to follow the state guidelines and policies as well as protect its own staff. Luckily they managed to overcome the pandemic and get back to business and fulfill the appetite of yummy lule kabob lovers. 

Interesting to say that workers of Mini Kabob are no one else but the Martirosyan couple, who have started Mini Kabob around 25 years ago and Armen their son has taken over it from them. Mini Kabob is an Armenian family-owned mini restaurant in the heart of Glendale California. 

storefront of raffi's place restaurant

Raffi’s Place

I remember the first time visiting Raffis’ Place in Glendale. The wait line was till the end of the street and inside was all packed. Located at 211 E Broadway, Glendale, CA 91205 Raffi’s Place is an authentic Armenian restaurant in Glendale. This Persian-Armenian restaurant is famous for its variety of foods. One can find any type of plate from appetizers to full dinner and full drinks bar. What else if not one of the best Armenian fish kabobs is being severed here at Raffi’s Place in Glendale.

Make sure to plan an extra 30 minutes of your dinner for exploring their rich menu.

logo of khinkhali house restaurant

Khinkali House

Even though caucasian people know that Khinkali is a Georgian dish, we, Armenian people make Khinkali not bad as well. In Glendale, you can find an Armenian Restaurant called Khinkali House. Do you know how you will know it is Armenian? When the waiters approach you and start speaking Armenian. This is when you know you are in Little Armenia and in an Armenian-owned restaurant.

Khinkali House in Glendale was founded in 1993 by Rafik Bakjanian and his wife Gohar. They serve not only Khinkali but different types of Khinkalis – boiled and fried. Make sure to try the fried one – it is amazing. Try the varieties of the Armenian salads, appetizers, and Armenian Ghavurma they offer. You won’t regret it.

storefront of zhengyalov hats bakery glendale

Zhengyalov Hats

For Armenian Vegan and foreign vegan lifestyle havers, Zhengyalov Hats is the way to go. Zhengyalov Hats is across the street from Raffis’ Place. It is a newly established Armenian bakery in Glendale, California. No matter how hungry you are remember, the portions are big – so make sure not to attract yourself with the yummy smell and view and take multiple for “Just In Case I Stay Hungry” – believe me just one zhengyalov hats can keep you full for at least a day. Yes, and do not forget to take a tan or ‘okroshka’ made right there at Zhenghyalov Hats in Glendale.


Reading through this list one can think – Is this the complete list of Armenian-owned businesses and restaurants in Los Angeles, California? No, this is just the small portion of the huge Armenian diaspora that has found a home in the USA, California. There are plenty of Armenian restaurants, businesses, private companies, beauty salons, large Armenian-owned companies like Service Titan, PicsArt are located in California as well. We promise to uncover the other sectors of Armenian businesses for your review but for now here are several more Armenian restaurants in Los Angeles California that are must-visit when traveling to California – Monta Factory, Falafel Arax, Taron Bakery, Old Gyumri, etc.

Wrapping Up

Hard choice to make, right? They all are uniquely unique when it comes to authentic Armenian food. By preserving Armenian culture and cuisine all Armenian-owned restaurants in Los Angeles, California were able to pass that through generations and surprise the big appetite of the Armenian and international gourmands. 

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