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Why I-AM.AM?

Why I-AM.AM?

You never know how much you love your country until you leave it. It has been more than 30 years for my husband and two years for me that we are not living in Armenia due to the circumstances that life has put us in. When living abroad there is not a single day that you do not miss the streets that you used to walk in late Yerevan nights. The school you used to go to. The bars and cafes you used to go out with friends and lovely ones to relax and enjoy the evening after a tough working day. Parents and your house that you used to grow up in and many memories associated with them.

Every single Armenian whom we happened to meet in the world wants to help and support Armenia. Some are helping by donating to the different funds available in Armenia, some people are sending goods and humanitarian aid to those in need, and some people like my husband and I are trying to connect them all by supporting them in supporting Armenia.

How The Idea Came Up?

Armenians are everywhere and in every field but there was a need to connect them all under one platform that will be easy to access and locate by simply searching the category and location one wants.

It took almost a year to finalize and come up with the name, strategy, and the actual steps of how we can be unique, helpful, and make an impact in every Armenian’s life no matter a business owner or a consumer. We decided to create a platform that will connect all Armenian Owned Businesses and Armenians who provide professional services to reach more potential customers and grow their business.

But after the 2020 war, it was not a willingness or a desire anymore but a duty to implement this project to create the centralized hub of everything Armenian and support the regions of Armenia.

Why I-AM.AM?

The story behind the name of the company, I-AM.AM, comes from the question that we are all frequently being asked, What is your nationality? Our answer is always the same, I Am Armenian. 

I-AM.AM is an inclusive platform for All Armenians regardless of the geographical location or adopted country.

How Are We Going to Support Armenia?

Every year a portion of the proceeds of the listed Armenian businesses will be invested into the various projects throughout Armenia in order to develop the economical growth of the entire country. We are focusing on the sectors like green energy, educational business resources, infrastructure, and innovation. What your country is tomorrow is defined by tomorrow’s leaders and the future generations that grow up today.

We promise full transparency on the projects that we will invest in and will share the progress on our website. I-AM.AM is an example of today and an inspiration for tomorrow.

Why Should Armenian Owned Businesses Consider Joining I-AM.AM?

We are in the initial stages of developing the platform and we need your help and trust to believe in us that together we can make an impact, together we can support Armenia, together we can make every single Armenian Owned company visible to not only local but to the entire world.

Besides being a part of the Armenian community, by joining I-AM.AM and listing your business you are also making it more visible to the public, raising your company awareness, increasing the social ranking as well as strengthening your company’s reputation on the Internet. Not even talking about how business directories can boost your SEO and support all your marketing techniques.

We are projecting to become the top-visited platform in every Armenian’s life no matter if they are looking for local stores or traveling abroad.

I-AM.AM is a great platform to grow business no matter the size of the company by giving an opportunity to be discovered by millions of Armenians ready to buy, visit, or partner. 

Join us today and be an early adopter of the First Global Armenian Directory.