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How to promote your local Armenian business digitally?

How to promote your local Armenian business digitally?

It’s sometimes hard to understand how to promote your local Armenian business in a way that will bring you success and enough revenue. It’s challenging to come up with the right tips and ways to stay on the top. Today, we’ve put together a list of 7 efficient techniques to grow your local business. Let’s get started!


1. Target a Specific Audience

 First and foremost, you need to know the demographics of your audience and it has to be a specific target as your business is local. Consider their demographics, such as gender, income, age, education level, marital status, etc. Here, you can also consider which Armenian regions, known as marz, are dominant for your business, is it Shirak, Lori, Tavush, or Yerevan? Or maybe you deliver your products or services to every region and your audience can be from both Yerevan and other regions. Each region has its own relevant expressions, symbols, colors, characteristics, and features. So, think of your audience demographics and psychographics, such as values, wants, interests, lifestyles, and more before targeting them. 


2. Boost Social Presence 

Is it possible to imagine promoting your business without social media these days? The simple answer is “no!”. Whether you have an account on Facebook or Instagram, you need to be active on these platforms to reach new prospects and engage with your returning clients. Always consider not only positive comments but also respond to negative feedback from your clients. Customer reviews are a source of additional advertising. With that in mind, you can send direct messages to unsatisfied customers and ask for their constructive feedback on how to improve your digital marketing strategy for local businesses. Your Armenian followers will be impressed with your business when they see that you listen and care. Open accounts on various social media platforms that your target audience uses the most. On social media, tag your loyal customers, brands, and nearby companies to help you reach new audiences and enhance conversion rates. Here are some methods you can use for boosting your social presence:

  • Join Groups

Join public groups on Facebook and Telegram to share your business news with an audience, including blog posts, new products or services, webinars, podcasts, etc. Provide value, and don’t spam them with posts. 

  • Social Media Stories

Create stories or equivalent disappearing posts on your social media platforms and include polls so that customers can interact with your business. You can also organize a contest where you’ll give a prize to the winner, and the rules of your contest can be tagging friends on comments, liking your post, sharing the contest on their stories, etc. In this way, you’ll bring more leads into your business. 

  • Location-based Hashtags

You need to be very specific with your hashtags to have a greater impact when promoting your local Armenian business. Whenever people search for your location, they will be able to find your business through location-based hashtags. You need to use them on all your social platforms — they can be in comments, captions, or stories. These hashtags are highly targetable and searchable. You can build local awareness and boost your social presence by using them. Consider the following: 

  • At least 3 location-based hashtags on each post. 
  • 5 branded hashtags.
  • 3 hashtags relevant to the post you share. 

For instance, if you have a local business in Gyumri, you can use — #gyumri, #gyumricolors, #gyumrivibes, #gyumribusinesses etc. and some of these hashtags can be in Armenian.  

3. Local Advertising 

Locally focused digital ads can help you reach people you wouldn’t otherwise be able to contact. The ability to target specific local populations is what makes online ads so effective. Ads can be filtered by location and IP address. Facebook, Google, and other digital advertisers take advantage of this functionality to target ads to local users.

You can make it easy for locals to discover your business by adding geographical information to your website and social media profiles, as well as keeping your Google listings up to date. Another good way of local advertising is listing your business in local Armenian business directories.

Let’s say you sell sports shoes in Yerevan. You will want to invest in ads that appear whenever someone searches for “best sports shoes in Yerevan.” This places you at the top of the page.

4. Sponsor or Host an Event

If you want to boost your brand’s presence in your region, consider sponsoring or hosting a local event. This is also a good approach to getting local news coverage, which will help you get noticed online by a local audience. You can partner with local businesses that share the same values as your business does, but are not your competitors. 

5. Email Marketing

When you segment your email list by unique characteristics like age, geography, or interests, email marketing becomes even more effective. You can create sign-up forms or call-to-action on your social media posts, blogs, or website. You can encourage your users to join by offering discounts. 

6.Open Google My Business Profile 

You can share important information about your local company, including your working hours, contact info, address, and more through a free platform like Google My Business (GMB). For local Armenian businesses, this is one of the most effective marketing tools, as it’s totally free. This free listing promotes your business in the local part of Google search, Google Maps, and the right-hand Knowledge Panel for branded searches. To get started, you’ll need to create a Google My Business profile and fill out your business information. This is a simple but critical step in ensuring that customers can locate your company or service online. If your address, contact info, and website URL change, you must update them.

7. Implement Content Marketing 

Content marketing has always been an essential marketing method to promote a business. For example, if you produce made-in-Armenia clothes, you can write content on their material, features, and benefits. You need to explain why people should use you over your competitors and how you are unique compared to others. You need to make all of your content, including website content, blogs, etc. SEO-friendly: 

  • Website

Optimize your website by employing proper keyword research. Your website should be mobile-friendly as most people come there from their mobile devices. You need to localize your website, considering key phrases and keywords. You can ask yourself what your local audience searches on Google and choose those keywords. You can use Google Analytics to analyze conversion rates and the number of clicks. Local customers are more likely to visit your website if you optimize it for local search. List your location in headings, body copy, title tag, meta description, and footer. 

  • Onsite Blogs

Write relevant blogs with the right keywords on your website and share your educational and engaging blog posts on your social media platforms. Have a comment section under your post so that people can write their feedback. 

  • Guest Blogging

You may position yourself as an authoritative figure in your business, establish a relationship with other leaders in your industry, and expose your brand to a new audience altogether through guest posting. When you write content for other websites, you get backlinks which play a crucial role in SEO ranking. That’s why guest blogging is essential for your local business.  

Wrapping Up!

These were some tips on how you can promote your Armenian local business. Put them into practice and watch your business flourish. If you can’t do it in-house, you can hire digital marketing services to come up with innovative and cost-effective marketing techniques to boost local awareness